Information about past or important events that happened in the Hoshi no Kaabii anime. Spoilers ahead.

Note: The information here refers to the Japanese version of the Kirby anime, not the dub.

The Galaxy Soldier Army:
Nightmare the ruler the universe built his empire Holy Nightmare Corporation many years ago. He made what seemed a unlimted amount of demon beasts. However some objected Nightmare. The first one to object stabbed Nightmare's hand with a sword, which was a tiny round figure. Nightmare was not pleased by this and became furious. It is said Kirby is a failed experiment created by Nightmare and he might have been the one to stand up against Nightmare. The fact Kirby opposing Nightmare wasn't entirely proven. Exactly how long Sir Meta Knights been around for is not mentioned except it's certain he was in the great war with Nightmare. The Galaxy Soldier Army was born with those who opposed Nightmare. The Star Warriors including Sir Meta Knight also fought endlessly against Nightmare's horde of demon beasts when eventually all the Star Warriors fall. Sir Meta Knight was the only one that survived and left into space to find more Star Warriors. He refused to give up because he believed in hope when a new generation of Star Warriors would arise one day and triumph over Nightmare. Sir Meta Knight said himself he wanted to live to see that happen.

The Galaxy Soldier Army faced many dangers and difficulties during the battle with Nightmare. Sir Meta Knight had many good allies. Among those who supported him was Knuckle Joe's father, an strong and brave Star Warrior. They fought together and were close friends. Episode 19 explains what happens to him. One night, while resting at their camping grounds, several demon beasts ambushed them. Knuckle Joe's father gets captured by a flying demon beast and is carried away to Nightmare. Sir Meta Knight couldn't do anything to help him. While being held captive, Nightmare turns Knuckle Joe's father into a demon beast. Sometime later, Knuckle Joe's father returns to his friends, but was under Nightmare's control. Sir Meta Knight thought this would happen and sadly, the only choice he had was to kill him. Just before Knuckle Joe's father passed away, he entrusts his pendant to Sir Meta Knight. The pendant, which contained a photo of his baby boy, Knuckle Joe. Sir Meta Knight knew his friend lost to Nightmare because of the desire to live. Even as a demon beast, the love and longing to see his only son is what kept him alive.

The sacred sword, Galaxia:
Galaxia is Sir Meta Knight's sword. He always carries it in a sheath tucked under his cape. The sword's blade is a gold-like color with pointed razors on both sides. Looking at the sword in the sheath it appears there is no blade except the handle. When Sir Meta Knight unsheathes Galaxia a light from the handle glows and forms into the blade. Galaxia has a will of it's own and can choose it's wielder. It can even talk. Only a few people can wield Galaxia and if one who is not destined to touch it tries will put their life at risk. Other than Sir Meta Knight, Kirby can also use Galaxia.

How Sir Meta Knight obtained the holy sword was explained by Kabu in episode 60. Galaxia was made 50,000 years ago by the Photoron the people of light. The forging of the blade took them several years. Galaxia gets stolen by a demon beast and Sir Meta Knight and Garlude sent out on a quest to reclaim it. Garlude knew Sir Meta Knight was meant to wield the sword. During the fight against the demon beast Garlude sacrifices her life to pull the sword out of the rock and throws it to Sir Meta Knight. He takes the blade and attacks the demon beast. The retrieval of Galaxia was a success. Nightmare had sent the demon beast to steal the sword to complete the conquest of the universe, but can't accomplish this goal because Sir Meta Knight has Galaxia.

Sword and Blade, fateful meeting:
Several years ago during the great war with Nightmare, Sir Meta Knight was being chased by the demon beast Chilidog. He kept running alongside a cliff until he came to Sword and Blade. Sword and Blade had became bandits so they would not go hungry. The two tried to threat Sir Meta Knight if he did not pay the toll. As this was happening Sir Meta Knight warned them that a deadly enemy is after him. Soon Chilidog arrives. Sword and Blade scramble away scared as the beast attacks. Just before Chilidog could hit the two, Sir Meta Knight leaps in to shield them. Sir Meta Knight climbs on Chilidog's back and the both of them fall off the cliff into the river below. In the end Chilidog is defeated since it's weakness is water. After that, Sword and Blade swear absolute loyalty to Sir Meta Knight and join him in his quest in search for Star Warriors.

Knuckle Joe's avengement:
A visitor arrives at Popstar in episode 19, Knuckle Joe, to avenge his father who was killed by a Star Warrior. By using the Holy Nightmare Company's service, he enters Castle Dedede through the demon beast delivery system. During his rampage through the castle, he is told by King Dedede Kirby is the Star Warrior he's looking for. And so, Knuckle Joe sets his sights to defeat Kirby. Meanwhile while Kirby is at his house, Fumu and Bun warn about a visitor is after him. They try to hide Kirby, but later get found. At first, Kirby did not look like a threat leaving Knuckle Joe completely confused. Knuckle Joe decides to attack anyway and keeps doing so when Sir Meta Knight comes in to defend Kirby. Sir Meta Knight tells him Kirby is innocent and claims he's the who he wants. The story is explained by Sir Meta Knight, about what happened to his father, that he was captured and turned into a demon beast, and that Sir Meta Knight had no choice but to kill him. Not knowing it, Knuckle Joe also has become a demon beast since he lived in anger for a long time. However, he refused to believe so. To prove it, Kirby fight's Knuckle Joe until he realizes of his current state. With his defeat, Knuckle Joe is freed of his agony. When this was over, he says goodbye to his newfound friends and leaves Popstar using the demon beast delivery system.

Silica's pursuit:
Silica, the daughter of Garlude comes to Popstar in episode 60 in search for a Star Warrior who she believes betrayed her mother and believed this led to her mother's death. The Star Warrior she thinks to be a traitor was Sir Meta Knight. Her plan was to take his sword, Galaxia. She breaks into Castle Dedede to eventually approach Sir Meta Knight. He immediately recognizes her. Silica confirmed her target and attacks. She chases after him until Sword and Blade assist there lord, then she loses track. When Kirby and the others run into Silica, Sir Meta Knight appears. Silica attacks again as Sir Meta Knight envades when her attack hits and he is unconscious. Kirby and the others retreat to Kabu. While Kirby and Bun where getting medicine for Sir Meta Knight's injury, Silica follows them. When Sir Meta Knight and Silica met again, they duel until Galaxia is knocked out of Sir Meta Knight's hand. Silica runs to get it. Sir Meta Knight tries to stop her, but she ignores his warning and touches the sword. Galaxia shocks her and she is pushed away. At that moment, a demon beast, which King Dedede ordered approaches the area to steal Galaxia. The same demon beast that had stolen the sword many years ago. Kirby fights but the demon beast can't be defeated easily. Silica tries to help Kirby by pulling Galaxia from the ground. As this was happening, Galaxia begins to talk and show her what her mother did in the past to help Sir Meta Knight. She was wrong about him being a traitor. Silica was able to pull out Galaxia. Kirby defeats the demon beast with Galaxia Sword Beam. After the fight, Silica leaves Popstar.

The massive battleship, Halberd:
The Halberd is Sir Meta Knight's battleship. It's design in the anime has a more futuristic appeal. The front of the battleship has Sir Meta Knight's mask much like in the game. The Halberd's size is so enormous it can house an army making King Dedede's Castle seem small. For it's amount of space The Halberd has several rooms for different purposes. The main interior is made of metal and has automatic sliding doors. All the rooms are equipped with the latest technology including the medication room, kitchen, weight room, and the control room making The Halberd a advanced vessel. With that technology it also possesses alot of fire power. Two large laser-like cannons are placed over the battleship's front along with many other smaller guns. Most of the damage is specifically done by the two large cannons. They can destroy a enemy battleship in one shot. The Halberd's defenses include a invisible shield that surrounds the entire battleship. This seems to take alot of it's power and probably can't be used all the time. The Halberd is capable of warping through space and exceed great speeds when igniting it's engines. Sir Meta Knight knew the day the battle against Nightmare would once again come. So a battleship was needed for offensive attacking and transportation. The making of The Halberd was done secretly under King Dedede's Castle. Sir Meta Knight of course was in charge of it's development and very likely with the help of Sword and Blade. No one else knew the presence of The Halberd until it was revealed by Sir Meta Knight in episode 98 when Nightmare's forces attack Pupu Village and King Dedede's Castle. The time has arrived for The Halberd to take off. Sir Meta Knight, Kirby, Sword, Blade, Fumu, Bun, and some of the townsfolk leave Popstar and launch into space to fight Nightmare. By episode 100, The Halberd gets cornered by enemy battleships taking severe damage forcing everyone to evacuate, which unfortunatly The Halberd is then destroyed.