General information about the Hoshi no Kaabii anime.

Note: The information here refers to the Japanese version of the Kirby anime, not the dub.

Kirby of the Stars
星のカービィ (Japanese)
Hoshi no Kaabii (Romanji)
Japan run: Oct 6, 2001-Sept 27, 2003
No. of episodes: 100

Out in the universe, a dark being threats the peace of a small village in Pupupu Land, Nightmare. A wise spirit, Kabu predicts and tells the villagers that a hero shall come forth. To Pupupu Land to save Popstar and that his name is Kirby. Not long after Kabu's prediction, out in space, Kirby's Starship detects Popstar and crash lands on the grounds of Pupupu Land. All the people of the village gather around to awe at the crash site where a pink round ball is spotted. After spending much time in Pupupu Land, Kirby meets many friends and enemies, while trains to become the greatest of warriors only to defeat Nightmare when the time has come.

Japanese honorifics/words:
This information is probably not needed, but I think it can be helpful for those who don't know Japanese and watch the Japanese version of the Kirby anime. Forgive the horrible explanations.

卿 (-kyou): Honorific meaning "lord," or can be translated as "sir" for naming knights. For example, Sword and Blade say Meta Knight-kyou (Sir Meta Knight). The sounds "kyou" can also mean "today" in Japanese, but the kanji is different.

殿 (-dono): A honorific to address someone with respect. Sir Meta Knight in the beginning refers Kirby as Kirby-dono. He eventually stops adding the "dono," but not to be disrespectful. Calling someone without an honorific may mean they are close friends or some kind of important interaction. It's usually a bigger deal to call them without one more than using one.

様 (-sama): A honorific to address someone with great respect. Sword and Blade address Fumu as Fumu-sama. Sometimes can be translated to "lord."

陛下 (Heika): Means "Your Majesty" as Escargon calls King Dedede this.

大王 (Daiou): Means "Great King." Some call Dedede this since he is a king.

星の戦士 (Hoshi no senshi): "Warrior of the Stars" or "Star Warrior." Sir Meta Knight and Kirby are both Star Warriors.

魔獣 (Majuu): Means "demon beast," the creatures King Dedede orders from the Holy Nightmare Corporation. "Ma" is demon and "juu" is beast.

殿 (Tono): Means "Lord." Sword and Blade refer Sir Meta Knight as "Tono."

吸い込み (Suikomi): Means "inhale," which is Kirby's basic move to copy his foe's powers.