Information about Sir Meta Knight's personality in the Hoshi no the Kaabii anime. Spoilers ahead.

Note: The information here refers to the Japanese version of the Kirby anime, not the dub.

The popular fearless swordsman, Meta Knight with his famous and lovable characteristics got his fame from playing several roles in the well known Kirby video games. Meta Knight being one of the big characters of the TV series made him more popular. In the anime, his actions make him a interesting and cool character. Other characters in the anime call him Sir Meta Knight or in Japanese, Meta Knight-kyou.

Sir Meta Knight basically looks similar in the anime compared to game designs. He wears a light gray mask, carries his sword and wears a cape. Some differences in the anime is Sir Meta Knight cannot fly like in some of the game titles where his cape can turn into bat-like wings. As seen in the games, his cape waves in the wind and usually removes it when he fights. In the anime, he walks around with his cape wrapped firmly around his body. Sir Meta Knight is likely to be standing ontop of something when he appears such as statues, trees, and boxes probably because of his height.

Teacher role:
Sir Meta Knight in the anime can be seen as a "mysterious" and the "knowledgeable" type of character. He seems to know quite alot about Kirby. When Kirby inhales and transforms, Sir Meta Knight often comes in to give small info about Kirby's ability. Though he most of the time recognizes Kirby's abilities, he sometimes admits he doesn't know everything.

Sir Meta Knight's role in the anime plays a ally and teacher to Kirby. His way of guiding the young Star Warrior is done strictly in which he intends to put Kirby to his limits before the real test is set in motion. Sir Meta Knight claims he cannot test Kirby without him going to his limits. With that being said, Sir Meta Knight usually teaches Kirby by making him understand things the hard way. Sir Meta Knight doesn't always assist Kirby and would rather let him figure out what he must do during a fight. Since he probably thinks this is important for a growing Star Warrior to learn and discover to gain experience. However, in some cases when Kirby appears to be in real danger Sir Meta Knight will no doubt help or save him if needed so.

Chivalric code:
Like in the games, Sir Meta Knight follows a code of honor. When he duels Kirby he gives him a sword to fight fairly. His chivalrous nature is carried on in the anime. Sir Meta Knight's sights and thoughts on chivalry, that is to say he's strongly devoted to it. Other then Sir Meta Knight's fairness in fighting, his attitude as well his actions may indicate his ways of ethics. When he speaks, his voice is often calm and composed. Very rare does he shout unless he needs to. He usually acts polite to almost everyone, even sometimes to King Dedede. Sir Meta Knight is especially nice to woman, offering help and protection at times. Generally Sir Meta Knight will help others if they really are in need of his guidance. When he does, he may give some advice or take action himself. In rare occasions Sir Meta Knight won't help and may state a comment, which sounds to be coldhearted and uncaring. Even so he says those things Sir Meta Knight might not mean it entirely. This could be his way of saying they must learn to solve thier own mistakes themselves.

Eye colors:
While Sir Meta Knight's eyes are usually yellow, his eyes sometimes change color. The different colors are likewise to express what mood or emotion he is in.

Yellow: His normal eye color.

Green: Seems to show when Sir Meta Knight is stern and serious about something.

Red: Likely shows his anger.

Pink: Possibly shows happiness.

Blue: This may show deep thought or maybe another sign of happiness.

Yellow dimmed: His eyes dim when he goes to sleep or when unconscious.

White: Doesn't seem to specify a certain mood.

Other traits:
The way Sir Meta Knight appears could be one of his unique points in the anime. At the most unexpected moments during a fight or in other situations, he sometimes suddenly comes out of what may seem from nowhere.

Other than fighting demon beasts and training Kirby, Sir Meta Knight does enjoy normal things like watching TV in his room, going grocery shopping, competing in a race, and such. He finds Channel DDD to be amusing and often watches it on TV with his companions, Sword and Blade.