Information about Meta Knight's attacks and other known moves he has in the video games. Spoilers ahead.


Meta Knight is a warrior specializing in swordsmanship. His primary weapon is mainly a sword, though he does possess a few other moves as well. These are just some of the abilities he uses.

In his first appearance, his attacks were pretty basic, but that doesn't mean he was weak.

In later games like Kirby Super Star, he gains the ability to fly and create tornadoes, which become some of his most famous known attacks.

A few of his moves in Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland.

In Kirby Squeak Squad, some his standard attacks seemed more threatening in comparison to Kirby Super Star.

A new move in Kirby's Epic Yarn. This destructive fiery sword attack almost covers the entire stage.

Ready to brawl

While Meta made it to Smash Bros as a trophy in Melee, his true entrance to the fight was in Brawl, and so being playable for the first time the Smash Bros series. Most of his attacks and design are referred from the original Kirby Super Star including his battleship, The Halberd. With his appearance, players have another chance to master his abilities.

Mach Tornado is much like his tornado attacks in the previous Kirby games. Meta Knight spins around and around creating a tornado sucking up anything in his way while striking multiple hits. Pushing the button repeatly makes him hover off the ground.

Drill Rush is a quick stab that drills through his opponents. When doing this attack, Meta Knight can point up or down to lift his enemy into the air or push them into the ground.

Shuttle Loop is a close range attack. Meta Knight thrusts his sword upward knocking anyone near him and starts to glide, then does a loop. He can attack while in midair as well. This move can be used as another way to recover and get back on the stage when pushed off. Though he can't change direction while gliding or fly upwards.

Dimensional Cape allows Meta Knight to disappear and reappear somewhere else. He can give a surprise attack when he reappears if you press the attack button. Dimensional Cape can also be used as a recovery move.