Scanlation - 4 Koma

Several official Kirby 4 koma manga based on the video games. All scanlated by me. Spoilers ahead.

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Hoshi no Kaabii: Yume no Izumi Deluxe
Troubled Meta Knight I Love Naps Meta Knight Go! This Was Always a Real Sword Match! Patient Person Manly Duel!
Meta can't decide which sword to give Kirby... Kirby takes a long time to wake up. Meta duels himself?? I don't think using a paper fan against a katana is a good idea. He has alot of patience. What a sneaky guy Kirby is.

One's Head and Body Meta Knight Untitled VS Meta Knight Meta Knight Go! Go! The Only Objective
Meta doesn't like his new mask. Kirby thinks he has a brother. Dedede gives the place a new look. Kirby gets second thoughts about taking the sword. Meta will never let Kirby use his stuff again now. What Kirby wants to do is...

I Won't Tough Guy 1 Sword Just Like a Killer Strategy It's Only Scarfy
Kirby wants to use a different ability. Meta has no need to copy abilities. Meta didn't do his shopping. He's a dangerous guy. Drawing too soon doesn't work. That wasn't a good idea.

Will there be a Potato?
That sword won't come out.

Hoshi no Kaabii: Kagami no Daimeikyuu
Health Recovery Time! Worst Timing It's Ruined Would You Please Try To? Leading Character Taking a Breather is Necessary
Kirby's health gets low and calls the others. A ally tries to help Kirby. Kirby gives Dark Meta Knight a hard time. Opps... What happens when there are four? Meta won't let Kirby rest until he completes the mirror.

Agreement Everyone Together Just Hurry and Break It Huh!? Crisis! Holy Triangle
Kirby decides to party instead of working. Kirby tries out his "Ninja" skill. Dark Meta being random. Four Kirbys means there are four Dark Metas? A little off target... Sword rental.

As Expected of my Rival Wrong Impression
Dark gets owned by his own attack. Poor Shadow Kirby...

Touch! Kaabii

Hoshi no Kaabii: Sanjo! Dorocche Dan
Sweet<3 Meta Knight Endless Useless Questions and Answers
Meta takes the treasure chest... Kirby refuses to take no for a answer.

Hoshi no Kaabii: Ultra Super Deluxe
Narcissist Confrontation Let's Go, Duel! Irresponsible While in the Battleship Sticking to One Thing Great Damage Cool Meta Knight
The Halberd will never be the same. Kirby isn't much of a help. Meta gives a warm welcome. They're both stubborn. Meta gets discourged by his own words. Meta must think blowing up his own ship is cool.

Because It's private If You Look and Compare Untitled Revenge of Noddy High Damage To the Right, To the Left
Galactic likes to keep a low profile. Dedede can't compare to Meta's coolness. Just when he thought things would go well. A split second of cuteness. Meta Knight's first... They wouldn't do well with the Wii Fit.